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After more than fourteen years of consulting, UK Models’ strong team of experienced professionals knows the modelling industry inside and out. Having worked with thousands of models, helping them build their confidence and then their careers, UK Models knows that a professional life in fashion can take a multitude of different paths. The company’s goal is to build the model’s brand, guide them to their most promising route of success, and mentor them throughout their professional development process until they find an agency with which they feel comfortable or otherwise establish a substantial freelancing network and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in this modelling direction.

The UK Models’ Method

At the core of UK Models’ structure is the protection of the aspiring models’ wellbeing. The team emphasizes confidence rather than bodily perfection, because they know modelling takes far more than beauty. Instead, personality, professionalism and overall skill steer a client’s path to success – not just their general looks.

Aside from their rich website of advice, personal accounts on the industry, and data, a session with UK Models provides unparalleled insight into the field. Starting with an in-depth discussion of the aspiring model’s intentions, the company assesses the client’s marketability while taking their client’s own interests into account. After mapping out potential career paths and the steps necessary to bring each to fruition, the model has the opportunity to have their hair and make-up done for a professional photo shoot through Blue Rooms Studio. This photoshoot experience is usually the first step in building a model’s brand, getting them comfortable in front of the camera and setting them off on their path to success. Upon leaving their very first session, clients may also have the beginnings of a modelling portfolio.

Perhaps the most important service UK Models offer is their blatant honesty. The industry can be difficult and lacks a transparency making it difficult for many prospective models to decipher whether they have what it takes. It’s the team’s business to help identify potential avenues for a model to achieve success as well as provide clarity on what is or is not an appropriate course of action for them. Each model has a unique journey before them and in identifying opportunities that will push their careers forward rather than stunt it, the UK Models’ team expedites that path to achievement.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from clients, UK Models has an undeniable reputation for welcoming a model with open arms as soon as they walk in the door, to ensure they feel comfortable enough to discuss both their dreams and fears. However, they emphasize that the models will encounter no sugar-coating. They ensure that all aspiring models understand that the modelling business is not glamorous, pays little at the beginning, and requires a flexible schedule for extensive travel. Without that clear understanding, clients will otherwise set themselves up for a sad or disenchanting experience that will more than likely dissuade them from the industry altogether.
Instead of hiding the harsh-realities, the staff focuses on confronting these issues with customers head-on so when they ultimately encounter them on their own, they are prepared to successfully navigate through our around these difficult pitfalls. While UK Models offers the truth, they also sit down at the drawing board with their clients and map out ways to avoid any deception or low-paying jobs, and mechanisms to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle if the aspiring model is sure they want to embark on the journey. The team understands that many of the aspiring model clients who come to the company, don’t have firsthand experience about what the industry entails. It’s their job to provide them with that crash course.

Like many careers, it is challenging to break into the modelling world without a connection – UK Models is devoted to serving as that connection. From acting as a confidants, career planners, portfolio directors and more, the staff is well-versed in developing young hopefuls.  

With a website full of advice blogs, and an exclusive section for parents of younger aspiring models, any client may find success with the help of UK Models. The first step is as simple as reaching out on our site!

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