When it comes to a modelling career, it sounds like the ultimate glamour job, but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, and in the process forget about the drive and determination it takes to get there. The process can seem long and arduous when planning it all out too though, so there a few great ways to kickstart your career.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

First – it’s best to plan out goals that are realistic in nature. Getting signed by a modelling agency is a huge step on the list to becoming a model, but there are other aspects to consider to help you in the interim like a support service like U.K. Models. Agency experts know that modelling is extremely competitive. Rushing into an agency to hopefully get signed isn’t recommended first. There are key steps along the journey.

Build Your Routine

One of these is developing an exercise routine. Being slender is fine and dandy, but trying to become painfully thin and taking it to the extreme isn’t what agencies are looking for. U.K. modelling agents prefer would-be models to be healthy and toned. These professionals emphasize that getting into a routine of working out is the way to go. It builds a strong body, melts a few pounds and delivers more self-confidence.

Build a Following

Next, it’s advised to get exceptional at social media profile building. Having creative and eye-catching Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts can all help promote one in the business. A would-be model can showcase their portfolio on their personal social media sites. modelling agents do check out these sites to discover new talent.

Eat Healthy

Developing sound eating habits is another step on the path to a modelling career. Choosing a healthy, nutritious lifestyle is key. A gorgeous complexion, teeth and hair are assets, and smoking can ruin all three. Cigarettes aren’t a plus in the industry.

Use Some Patience

Applying to a modelling agency for a go-see is the right route to follow, but it’s essential that the agency be reputable. Most agencies have websites that provide dates and information for meeting would-be models. Patience is important when waiting to hear back. Few get signed to an agency, but luck also plays a part.

A professional photographer who can capture stunning images is another factor in the equation. A model needs a portfolio that takes them to the next plateau. A well-regarded model support service like U.K. Models can help an aspiring model choose an experienced photographer to help build that amazing portfolio.