Models need to have a world-class portfolio that showcases their talents. However, as time passes, their work can grow stale, obsolete and irrelevant. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining an active portfolio can discourage many models from trying. To overcome that barrier, they can establish collaborative relationships with photographers and makeup artists. Such an effort helps everyone boost their career while minimizing expenses.

Get Started

For many models, beginning collaborative relationships is as easy as asking a friend for help. When friends can’t help, they often know someone else who can. Models who have yet to develop connections in the industry can turn to one of several websites that can connect them with the resources that they need. In every case, models must assess the professionalism and capabilities of their prospective collaborators, to ensure an adequate standard of quality.


Open communications are essential to a successful shoot. Models must accurately articulate their requirements so prospective crews can determine if they can satisfy the need. Similarly, models need to know what photographers and makeup artists expect to receive in return for their services. Additionally, other basic facts, such as the date and time of a shoot, must be clearly stated, along with the location and terms of use of the studio.

Agree on Terms

Many artists and photographers will work for free, as long as everyone involved can use the photos from a shoot in their portfolio. Of course, models always run the risk of getting sub-par results. This can happen when the people involved are students or professionals with relatively low experience. To get better results, models will need to pay for rendered services. This requires an additional layer of vetting to avoid scams.


Models should spend time preparing for their shoot. Well in advance, they should practice the looks and poses that they want. Clothing and accessories should also be considered. By getting ready in advance, the shoot can go smoother and yield better results than if models waited until the last minute. Safety is also a consideration. Models should meet with collaborators in public places, avoiding private homes.

In summary, models can put their best foot forward with a strong portfolio by using collaborative agreements. These keep costs low, allowing for regular updates that keep portfolios fresh and active. If you’re not working with an agency yet and looking for a photography studio to get you started – you’re not alone! In fact, that’s exactly what UK Models is all about. Working closely with the Blue Rooms Studios team, we enable our clients to hit their modelling path running.