Do you aspire to become a fitness model like those you idolize online and in major fitness magazines? Maybe you think you can become the next Greg Plitt or Jennifer Nicole Lee but do really know what it takes to do what they do and succeed? Fitness modelling is also referred to as sports modelling- this type of modelling takes a physique that is in phenomenal shape and can often put you in weird positions or even demand you do physical activity in front of the camera. As described on our company website, “The majority of fitness poses expected from models is to be active and athletic to showcase the qualities and benefits of the products. Brands desire to demonstrate how their clothing offers support, flexibility, movement and breathability, which demands for a model to run, jump or squat to demonstrate how comfortable their designs are.

Most fitness models are toned and in-shape but don’t actually need to be in the state of those like Greg Plitt. If you enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fitness modelling could be for you! Here’s what you can expect if you want to pursue this type of career.

1: Take care of your body

Obviously, you need to be in good shape to be a fitness model but there’s more to it than that. You need to eat correctly to maintain a healthy complexion and the energy this job will demand of you. Also, are you caring for yourself mentally and emotionally? This job isn’t easy and if someone points out something they don’t like about your body, are you prepared to handle it without letting it get you down?

2: Discipline

This kind of career won’t just happen for you overnight. You need to not only maintain your health and commit to living as a professional athlete, you need to stay disciplined when it comes to seeking out gigs and sponsorships. As Vanessa Helmer reminds, “Don’t forget, maintaining your perfect physique requires full-time dedication and a lot of work out time.” You need to remain disciplined about both pursuing work and staying in shape to work.

3: Practice posing

If you don’t know what to do with your body you will simply not get hired. Practice posing in front of a mirror, family, friends, and a camera to become familiar with what people favor, what you feel most comfortable doing, and what works and doesn’t work on camera. Learn your body from every angle and take inspiration from other fitness models. It can be of extra benefit to train your body to be extra flexible so you can even pose for yoga shoots or live art gigs.

Follow these tips and set yourself up for a successful fitness modelling career! Remember to take care of your mind and body, stay disciplined, and practice your posing!