As a model or if you’re going to be captured in photos at an upcoming shoot, one of the most common challenges that you’ll have to face is overcoming your nerves once you get in front of the camera. When planning an upcoming photoshoot, it can be difficult to remain calm and collected if you’re new to the experience. If you want to feel more at ease and in your element, there are a few necessary tips to follow.

Eat in Advance

It can be easy to forget to eat as you’re preparing for your first photo shoot. You’ll need to eat a snack or a meal in advance to avoid crashing and losing your energy as you pose in different settings. You can also pack a few snacks to take with you to ensure that you can stay focused and think clearly while on the job.

Remain Positive

Allowing negative thoughts to cloud your mind can affect your mood and will influence how natural or composed you look during the photo shoot. Have fun and allow yourself to make mistakes as you’re starting out. Remaining positive can alleviate some of the anxiety that you’re experiencing and can allow you to let loose. Controlling your breathing can also allow your thoughts to stop racing and will reduce your heart rate to feel calm and composed.

Exercise Ahead of Time

If you’re feeling nervous, consider exercising before the photo shoot to ensure that you can release some of your energy and feel more at ease once the session begins. You can spend time performing a fun activity like tennis or basketball to distract yourself and avoid thinking too much about the photoshoot in the hours leading up to it. Physical activity can also release endorphins, which can improve your mood and allow you to look forward to modelling. That being said, don’t over do it! You want to have energy to perform well on set.

Talk to the Photographer

Before the photo shoot begins, ask your photographer what to expect during the session. The professional may advise you on the poses that you’ll need to make or how long the session will take, which can put some of your concerns to rest. Practicing in front of the mirror the morning of can also allow you to feel more prepared for the photo shoot.