Taking photos of kids can quickly prove to be a challenge and can result in the child throwing a tantrum or fit. For photographers or parents, it can be challenging to get the right shot and keep the child happy. If you want to keep children happy on set, there are a few essential tips that will prove to be effective.

Incorporate a Fun Activity

Whether the child enjoys playing with blocks or drawing, you can incorporate different activities that they like to encourage them to have a good time and look cheerful in the photos. Bringing balloons or a sweet treat into the spot can also capture their personality and allow them to view the photo shoot as a fun experience rather than as a chore.

Allow for Interaction

Allowing for interaction during the photo shoot can make it easy to take candid shots that are natural and don’t look staged. Allow the child to interact with a friend or their sibling, which will keep them entertained. They’ll also be more willing to cooperate if they have someone else with them.

Play Music

Playing music can change the tone of the photo shoot and will make it lighthearted and playful for the little one. Play music in the background that the child can dance or sing to as you take pictures. You can also sing a song that they’re familiar with to help them feel more comfortable.

Take a Break

Some kids may end up throwing a fit after they’ve had enough patience and are tired of posing in front of your camera. Instead of pushing them past their limits, consider taking a break so they can recharge and feel more at ease. Consider giving them a few snacks or juice, which can keep them energized for the next set of pictures. You can also allow them to run around outside or play with a few of their toys to help them burn their energy.

As Jana Randall says, sometimes you have to also just let them be. In her words, “If you can’t get a smile out of little Johnny, just let him be. Give him some cute props with which he can play (maybe a little firetruck or a funny hat), or play some of his favorite music and let him dance it out. Stand back, let him create his own poses, and snap away.

Allow Them to Explore

Kids often can’t be contained for too long in one area of the home or building, making it necessary to allow them to explore as you take shots. Allow them to run around outside or on the sideway outdoors to get them in their natural element.