If you’re new to the modelling industry, you might be nervous about your first few shows. Before taking the runway by storm though, there are some steps you can take to look and feel your best. By following a few tips used by other successful models, you can make your next runway appearance an event to remember and one that will earn you even more offers.


Remember that appeal is all about attitude and your posture is essential to giving off a good, positive vibe. Carry yourself tall and walk with confidence. If you can do that, you’ll earn the admiration of your audience with little effort. If you don’t believe in yourself neither will the audience.

Eye Contact

Similarly, keep your eyes lively and engaging. Believe it or not, your eyes will draw a great deal of attention and, if they seem lazy or unfocused, that will affect how people view you. Many experienced models recommend staring ahead at the camera at the end of the runway. That can keep you from getting distracted by onlookers and give you that extra boost to your confidence.


How you hold your head will affect how you appear in photographs, so you want to show off your best features. This means recognizing that photographers at the event will likely be lower than you, or, at best, may be right at eye level. If you hold your head parallel to your shoulders, or only slightly dip your chin, you’ll ensure the photographers are capturing your best angles.


As you walk the runway, elongate your neck and try to retain a graceful pose. To accomplish this, some models suggest imagining a string pulling your head back and holding it in place. Also, be aware of how you hold your shoulders. They should be square and flush with your hips, though there’s a difference of opinion on this point. Some models prefer to arch their backs slightly, so their shoulders are just a touch further back than the hips.


Some beginning models worry about what to do with their arms and hands. The arms should be allowed to swing slightly with the wrists gently sweeping the sides of your outfit. Relax your fingers naturally, but touch your thumb and index finger together on each hand.


As you walk, move from your hips. This should be where all of your movement stems from, as you stride confidently down the runway. Don’t try to accentuate your stroll. Instead, walk confidently and exhibit pride, as though you’re walking down a crowded street.

Drawing the right kind of attention is more about exhibiting confidence than anything else. If you can inspire awe and admiration from onlookers, you will have succeeded in making a strong debut.