While many work environments come with irregular hours, modeling makes it especially challenging to ‘adjust’ to schedules because of the tight deadlines, long hours, short notices and general unpredictability. Models often don’t know their agendas until the day before they are booked. Since this can make it difficult to maintain a social life and to keep finances in order, knowing how to adjust to the uncertainty of modeling schedules can lessen stress. The first step to building a career in modeling is coming to terms with the unpredictability.

Bookings Don’t Always Equate Success

As a model, it’s essential to not connect self-worth with the number of bookings. Slow weeks are normal and don’t mean lack of abilities or talent. That’s why it’s important to keep busy in between agent phone calls. Use the off-time to stay happy and motivated by discovering new interests and by pursuing passions outside of the business.

Make Your Own Routine

Since modeling schedules are erratic and chaotic, it’s important for models to maintain a consistent personal routine. This means going to bed and waking up at approximately the same times every day. While this will change when on assignment, it makes it easier to get back on track when not working. Set days aside for grocery shopping, and plan meals on designated days. When a booking interrupts this rhythm, just get back to it once the assignment is complete.

Stay Informed

During extended periods between bookings, make it a point to engage in job-related activities. This could include reading about developments in the industry or networking with people in the business. Even maintaining a fashion-blog can function as a way to stay in the loop. However, it’s also important to regularly engage in activities that have nothing to do with the business in order to create a balance between work and personal time.


When dealing with agents, good communication is essential. Agents are supposed to connect the right models with the ideal clients, but they need feedback to do that. If overbooked timetables are causing distress, they need to know. The same applies when assignments don’t work out as planned. This can help prevent scheduling problems in the future.


Since unpredictable schedules come with irregular paychecks, commit to a monthly budget. Also, designate a part of each paycheck as savings. These measures can help a model get through dry spells and prevent erratic spending habits when assignments come in frequently.