In the modeling industry and agency world, it’s easy to become attached to your agent. After all, they become one of your greatest confidants and help support you throughout the process of booking shows and darting between different open calls as you try to map out your role in the industry. It builds a bond, but the unfortunate, somewhat unmentioned truth is that it isn’t uncommon for agents to hop from one agency to another, and more often than not there’s not a lot of explanation. As Madison Schill described her own personal experiences with having agents move on, she says, “When agents leave and go to other agencies, the resulting debris is kind of messy — no one will tell you why they left, how they’re doing, or that they probably aren’t allowed to talk to you when you see them backstage next season.

While at the time, it may feel like abandonment, remember that the best career move for them doesn’t always signal the worst career move for you. Sure, you can take a moment to mourn the loss of your confidant and friend, but remember that just because their career path changed doesn’t mean yours has to.

So how do you get through the flux phase?

First, don’t panic. In this industry, you need to be prepared for change and create a resilient and adaptable outlook for yourself. It’s all part of the job. Once you mentally get back on track, start to pick up the pieces. Some agencies are more hands-on than others when it comes to transitioning talent to new agents. This is why you always need to be comfortable advocating for yourself. Keep your goals top of mind and remember that your timeline doesn’t have to change.

Fast track your transition.

While you work for your agency, your agency should also work for you. You can expedite the onboarding process with your new point person by clearly outlining your goals, past career highlights, and clarifying your comfort zones and gray areas. As a model, you always need to remember that you are your biggest advocate. At the end of the day, it comes down to you to book jobs. An agent helps, but you ultimately define your career.

Also, remember that the relationship you had with your prior agent doesn’t have to change. You can still be friends and maintain a relationship. You also need to remember that you guys were once strangers too, so before you know it, your new agent may become a great friend and advocate for you and your brand.